frequently asked questions

Paying a fine?  You must have your citation number available. * Not all citations can be paid online. Some may require a mandatory court appearance such as;
*Reckless driving
*Excessive speeds (over 34 MPH)
*under age 21
*Suspended license
*Tag or insurance 

 You may click here to pay now.


Question: What is a moving violation?
Answer: Any violation of the law committed by the driver of a vehicle while it is in motion such as:
*Exceeding the speed limit
*Driving too slowly for road conditions, particularly in a left hand lane
*Running a stop sign or red traffic light
*Failure to yield to another vehicle with the right of way
*Failure to signal for turns or lane changes
*Failure to maintain a single
*Crossing over a center divider, median or gore
*Driving on the shoulder where it is considered illegal under certain conditions
*Failure to fasten seat belt
*Failure to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk
*Failure to stop for a school bus when children are boarding or exiting
*Failure to secure a load to a truck or lorry
*Driving in a car pool (HOV) lane illegally

Question: My citation number is not in the system, what should I do?
Answer: Please call Customer Care at 404-658-6940.

Question:  I used my driver's license number and the citation number and it is not on the system, what should I do?
Answer: The system only recognizes the citation number.††

Question: Why can't I pay my ticket online?
Answer: There may be several reasons why you may not be able to pay your citation online or by phone pay. 
1) Your ticket may not be in the system because it has not been filed with the court by the Police Officer.
2) You may have a mandatory court appearance due to an accident or other circumstance.
3) You do not have the correct citation number.
4) The citation number has been transposed because it is a duplicate number. If you are experiencing problems, please call Customer Care for assistance at (404) 658-6940.
5) You are attempting to make a partial payment.You must pay all outstanding citations.

Question: How much time do I have to pay my ticket?
Answer: You can pay your citation at least two (2) days before your court date, without penalty. * This may not apply to cases that have been reset by the court.

Question:  I can't make my court date, what should I do?
Answer: You may write a letter stating why you can not make your court appearance, and ask for a new court date. You may submit the letter up to two (2) days before your court date to the clerk's office at the Municipal Court of Atlanta, 150 Garnett Street, SW Atlanta, GA 30303. *Please keep in mind, that the court is not obligated to grant your new court date request. It is your responsibility to contact the clerk's office to find out if your request for a new court date has been granted.


What is a parking violation?
Answer:   A charge against a vehicle that is illegally parked.

Question: How can I pay my parking tickets?
Answer:  You may dial in for phone payments at 404.658.6940 or you may pay your citation online at  If you are unable to pay through the automated systems, please come in to our building at 150 Garnett Street and pay your fine at one of our convenient payment windows.

Question: I can not retrieve my ticket number online or by phone, what should I do?
Answer:  Please make sure that you have entered the correct citation number and/or automobile tag number. The automated system will ask for your seven digit citation. If you do not have the seven digits on your citation or you have been unsuccessful at attempts on paying your ticket(s), please contact our Customer Care department at 404.658.6940 for assistance.


Automated Red Light Enforcement Violations

uestion: What is an Automated Red Light Enforcement Violation?
Answer: A camera captures the driverís license plate as it moves into an intersection after running a red light.

Question: Can I dispute an automated red light violation in Court?
Answer: Yes, you must fill out information on the rear of the citation and mail it to the address provided.Please follow the instructions on the back of the form. A court date will be forwarded to you.


Question: What if I can not make the court date?
Answer: You will receive a default judgment and your violation will be forwarded to a collection agency.